Commercial Trash Compactors

We specialize in offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to businesses, including the rental, sales, and maintenance of high-quality compactors. Whether your business requires efficient waste management solutions or seeks to streamline waste disposal processes, we provide top-notch compactors and services designed to suit your specific operational requirements.

County Waste & Recycling Compactors

Commercial Trash Compactor Solutions

We offer a selection of new and reconditioned commercial trash and recycling compaction equipment that are designed to help you optimize your productivity, maximize your cost savings and increase your handling and hauling efficiency for dry, wet, or bulky waste.
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County Waste & Recycling Compactor Uses

An Industrial Trash Compactor Is Ideal For:

  • Wet refuse

    Food waste, plant waste, residential waste, organic waste and other damp or moist types of waste
  • Dry refuse

    Paper goods, cardboard boxes, wood and glass
  • Bulky refuse

    Pallets, crates, appliances, furniture and other large or unwieldy items
County Waste & Recycling Compactor Sizes

We have The Right Size For You

Compactor sizes and offerings vary by location

A consistent, personalized trash collection schedule based on your needs.

We create a trash collection schedule that is unique to your restaurant and will cater to your different waste collection needs. 

Feed the environment while growing your business to keep them both healthy.

Our trash collection service comes with a recycling option, which, in the restaurant industry, is a big contribution to environmental health.

We have the right container for your leftovers. Find one that’s right for your needs.

We have a large selection of different bins, dumpsters, and roll off containers for all your restaurant food waste management needs.


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What types of businesses can benefit from a trash compactor?

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